Design, Development & Marketing Solutions.

I offer freelance design, development & marketing solutions for small businesses on the web.

Freelance designer and developer, Michael Froseth has been developing and designing for the web since 2008. In 2011, Michael moved to Dallas, Texas and has lived here ever since, building a freelance career as a graphics designer, web developer and online marketer. Focusing primarily on front-end design and development, Michael also has a strong passion for graphics design, photography, travel and of course his beloved Minnesota sports franchises.

Quality work at an affordable price.

I can always find a solution, no matter the budget.

Whether it be customizing a pre-built theme for your WordPress website or developing a custom design/website I have the experience and skills to bring your ideas to life.

Please take a look around at some of my recent projects, current projects and even read some of my latest blog entries which highlight many of my interests and even some freebies for some of my creative folks.

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