Skills & Services


Does your website look outdated compared to your competitors? Can you feel the difference between your website, and another one? You may be in need of a new website design. I provide web design mockups, wireframes and layout composition for small businesses and personal websites.


Do you need flyers designed? Business cards? Or are you a new company in need of a logo? I provide digital design services as well as print design services at an affordable cost compared to local agencies. 

  • Adobe Photoshop75%
  • Adobe Illustrator60%
  • UI/UX80%
  • Layout & Typograpy80%


Whether you need a custom website built from scratch or a WordPress theme modified to fit the needs of your company, I can provide the solution. With experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and more I can deliver on the services you need.


I'm sure we have all heard of WordPress by now, but not everyone can customize or set up WordPress in the way you had envisioned it. This is where I can come in. Whether you are looking for theme customizaton, custom themes, e-commerce or more, I can provide the solution.

  • HTML/CSS75%
  • PHP/MySQL60%
  • JavaScript/jQuery60%
  • WordPress85%


Do you already have a web presence but are not seeing the traffic you need? I provide SEO and Pay-Per-Click solutions on a monthly retainer basis. For detailed services and pricing please contact me for a review of your current website presence.


Social Media Marketing in today's world is a must. Are you behind on the times? I can provide social media account setups, engagement and advertising based on your needs. Please contact me for specific details as this varies by client.

  • SEO65%
  • Pay-Per-Click70%
  • Social Media Marketing75%
  • Google Analytics85%